It's Come to Our Attention that Many of You Aren't Taking Baths - Let's Talk About That.

Bath's aren't just about getting clean. They are great for lowering blood pressure (by making the blood less viscous and helping vessels work better), improving cardiac function, and boosting circulation in our core and extremities.

The best news is that taking a bath is a great sleep-aid. Since our temperatures rise in a hot(ish) bath, those same temperatures fall rapidly when the bath is over, causing intense relaxation, and hence, better sleep. The best time to take a put-me-to-sleep bath is two hours before bedtime. 

In fact, there isn't much a bath can't fix. Isn't it time to put one back in your beauty or bedtime routine?

French Girl Organics Sea Soak in Mint + Rosemary

A luxurious bath soak made with Himalayan Pink Salt infused with mint + rosemary to soothe aching muscles, soften the skin and energize the mind, body & spirit.