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Maya Chia Straight A Retinol Oil

Maya Chia Straight A Retinol Oil

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THE STRAIGHT A Advanced Gentle Retinol Treatment uses Encapsulated Retinol (a safe derivative of Vitamin A without BHT) combined with two forms of “Botanical Retinols” – Bakuchiol and Moth Bean Extract – to significantly improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting plumper, smoother, more radiant, healthier-looking skin. Also included are he highest quality shelf-stable Vitamin C, along with Vitamin E to help brighten and reduce hyperpigmentation and additional carrier oils rich in naturally-occurring Vitamin A. Nutrient-dense botanicals such as chia seed and Buriti oil help to moisturize and nourish and achieve the same results as a Retin-A product without the associated irritation.

To further add to the advances of this formulation, the Straight A contains a complex expressly targeted to increase Sirtuin activity, which are proteins that regulate key biological pathways in our cells. 

Retinol products should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.